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So I’m pretty sure Microsoft taking over will have some negative things happen but still, I think they’ll just continue on pretty much the same as mojang did/does. I just think they’ll do things about hacked clients and servers ect. I don’t think they mind modding in mc at all.. I mean like pretty much all players do it, and it will be pretty impossible to stop even. I just hope they bought it to make minecraft more accessible on any of their platforms, a bit like skype. Yeah I just suggest downloading all updates and backing them up and getting the programs to run your own servers while you still can (if they even change this that is) Or else all of us will probably wait for some crackers to crack whatever stupid requirements Microsoft adds.








eyy guys go follow this cute blog!

I hope Microsoft doesn’t buy Mojang. Minecraft will be ruined.
I didn’t realise how bored I was untill I just watched this completly

(I should probably do something else then being bored and listening to dumb ”’music”)

Kinda always wondered this, do your eyes really glow and if so, how brightly? Could you use them as flashlights (assuming you don't have night vision)?

And no I don’t have nightvision, well I do see a litle better in the dark then others… but I wouldn’t call it nightvision..

So, Herobrine, how do you feel about the new player? Alex? Any thoughts/opinions or nah?


I don’t really have much to say about Alex, Never met them either.. Well I supose it’s a nice to see somebody else then just Steve..


The mod was sick (and still is) however now they decided to stay at home they’re feeling a bit better so now they’re finally going to answer these with me..

can you guys send some ask please

I am restarting (again…) and basicly all but 1 are unanswerable right  now…

done with that so now to answer some asks.

Coming back

And for once I’m actually not afraid to post my headcanons..(I felt the need to make it spookier and stuff but ehh. sick of that..) (i’ll replace that stuff later.)